Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Geoffrey Ricardo

Geoffrey Ricardo is a nationally recognised, local artist who has been awarded a $330,000 commission (funded by Toyota) to create artwork along Kororoit Creek. Geoffrey's artwork is titled, Playful 'Spirits of time and place' (a strange trail of beasts, spirits and guardians) and will feature 8, 3-4 metre high sculptures that will in some way have a connection to the history, landscape and wildlife of the area. The development of this shared trail and the proposed location of the sculptures will be along a 7.5 km section of the trail in North Altona and accessible for all in the community to  
admire, reflect and connect with.
 During art lessons this term the students in each grade level will be focusing not only on the sculptures Geoffrey is creating but also on various other pieces of artwork he has produced, discussing and observing the styles and techniques he has used to inspire their own creations.
The Grade 5 students have already had a workshop with Geoffrey where he showed them how to manipulate, mold, pinch and shape plasticene to add detail sculpture. 

Check out the sculptures that Geoffrey is creating and learn more about his project;

Geoffrey Ricardo

Here are some examples of other artworks Geoffrey has produced.... pretty unique don't you think?....what do you think? 

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