Grade 2/3

Grade 2 and 3    Creatures in our Oceans and Rivers
Learning about local artist Geoffrey Ricardo and the project he is working on to create 7 large sculptures to be placed along the shared path that winds adjacent to Kororiot Creek ( a 7.5km stretch near Cherry Lake), students discovered the varied flora and fauna that evident in this area. They made sketches of some of these images and then using a white marker, re-created these image onto a complementary colour background they had painted. Using the elements of line, shape, pattern they added unique detail to their internal parts of their sketches.

Visual Art Overviews Term 2 2017 Grade 2 and 3
Students will discover and experiment with printing and pressing techniques on clay using objects prevalent along our creeks, rivers and bay. A deeper understanding of colour theory will be encouraged through creating artworks using warm and cool colours as well as tones of hues.
Vincent Van Gogh will be the focus artist for students during this term and early next term.

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