Grade 3/4

Grade 3 and 4    Exploring Colour  and Line
Students in the middle area drew a portrait of a classmate using a 'blind contour drawing' technique. They had to view their model and then with their eyes closed or not looking at the page they attempted to draw that person. (then they swapped roles). The results were amazing and very amusing. Reinforcing monochromatic colour scheme students painted a background for their drawing.
Here are some examples..... 

Students were introduced to Geoffrey Ricardo and whilst finding out lots of things about this local artists styles and techniques they became very familiar with the work he is producing. The completed sculptures will become permanent fixtures along the Kororoit Creek Shared Trail. Something for us all to connect with, respect and enjoy.

Geoff has loved elephants from a very young age and has painted, sculpted and printed images of these glorious creatures over time. We were inspired by his works so the students have started to create their own image and interpretation of an elephant using clay. The completed piece will be painted by the students in term 2 so watch this space..

This video is of Geoff being interviewed, gives a little insight into his quiet but very creative personality.

Visual Art Overviews Term 2 2017

Grade 3 and 4
Students will paint the sculpture they created in term 1 using their own design to produce a unique and detailed 3D art piece. Through  experimenting with a variety of painting techniques, drawing skills and element studies, students will become aware of how artists create an optical illusion in their artwork.
Towards the end of term 2 and early term 3 students will be learning about Vincent Van Gogh, his painting styles, techniques and sources of inspiration.

Term 3.
Vincent Van Gogh
Test your Vincent Van Gogh knowledge by checking and analysing some of his works.

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