Grade 5/6

Grade 5 and 6.       What's been happpening in visual art classes?

We have been very busy finding out lots of information about Geoffrey Ricardo. We think he is an amazing artist and we love the fact that he creates artwork using different areas of art  and media.
Grade 5's loved their incursion with Geoffrey where they were guided by him to explore platicene and using the taught techniques/skills created a small sculpture. Students( both 5 & 6) were able to transfer this knowledge and are now using it to assist them in their own 'beast/guardian' sculpture.  

*** Grade 5 students went along to Geoffrey's studio and saw his sculptures in 'mid-creation'. What a sensational experience and I am sure they have shared many of the interesting points and sights with you. Here are some of the few............

How lucky were they? They were even able to view a studio next to Geoff's and see first hand some huge, copper sculptures of soldiers that will become permanent fixtures the War Memorial in Canberra. Totally amazing.

........and there is more... they saw the Kevin Bartlett sculpture in it's final stages.... before anyone else have viewed it. Liz Johnson is the sculptor creating this piece and she was very open to chatting to the students and answering their questions.

Visual Art Overviews Term 2 2017

Grade 5 and 6
Grade 5 and 6 students will be putting the finishing touches to their ‘beast, spirit or guardian’ sculpture. When completed students will take photos of their piece and create an appropriate background using technology. Continuing with the theme of our local environment and Geoffrey Ricardo, students will create a collage using both natural and man made objects. The element of value (tone; tint and shade) will also be explored by the students.  
Students will also be focusing on famous artist Vincent Van Gogh towards the end of term 2 and early term 3.

Term 3. Vincent Van Gogh 

Here are a few information sheets for you to test your Van Gogh knowledge on.

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