Grade Prep/1

Grade Prep/1 
The students in Grade Prep/1 have been very busy learning about the elements of art with a special focus on colour (primary colours). They have printed, painted and explored the 'kings of colours' through many different activities. 

Grade 1
Grade 1's have also been deepening their understanding of colour theory by exploring complementary colours and have created artworks using this knowledge.

Geoffrey Ricardo is a local artist who the students will be learning about. He paints, prints and loves to make sculptures. The preps have started to experiment with printing and along with the Grade 1's they will explore this area further using a variety of materials....maybe even soft toys like Geoffrey did.

Check out this video.........

Visual Art Overviews Term 2 2017

Prep and 1
Geoffrey Ricardo will continue to be the focus artist for Prep/1 students in term 2. They will work within the areas of printing and collage to create artwork using natural and recycled materials. The students colour theory focus will be on warm and cool colours.

Term 3. Vincent Van Gogh
Do you remember listening to this special song about Vincent Van Gogh? Get your family to sit down and listen to it with you. Maybe you can tell them some other things you have learnt about this famous artist.

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